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:Phrygian Scale


Phrygian Scale

This lecture is the Phrygian Scale which is one of the Church mode.

Phrygian scale is the Natural minor scale with a lowered 2nd.

Phrygian Scale
  C   D   E F   G   A   B
C Phrygian Scale          
C Natural Minor Scale          

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Triads and Seventh Chords

Phrygian scale has the following triads and 7th chords.

Triad in the A Phrygian Scale
Triad Am Bb C Dm Em(b5) F Gm
Degree Names Im bII bIII IVm Vm(b5) bVI bVIIm
Seventh Chord in the A Phrygian Scale
7th Chord Am7 BbM7 C7 Dm7 Em7(b5) FM7 Gm7
Degree Names Im7 bIIM7 bIII7 IVm7 Vm7(b5) bVIM7 bVIIm7

Let's listen to the sample song using the Phrygian scale.

I cherish the feeling, so the sample song on the pages of scale lectures are made roughly. The Phrygian scale is melodious scale and often used by a guitarists of hard rock.

Let's listen to another song. This is also the song using Phrygian scale. 

This song is also quite simple. The sound progresses based on the chords of I-II-III-IV scale step.