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:Chinese Scale


Chinese Scales

This lecture is the chinese scale which is also known as the major penta scale.

First of all, Let's listen to my original song called "The Bank of a Large River" using the chinese scale.

How did you like it? "The Bank of a Large River" consists of only five notes.

Major Pentatonic scale
  C   D   E F   G   A   B
C Major Penta              

The C major pentatonic scale(Chinese Scales) includes C, D, E, G, A of the C major scale. Other notes are not included in it.

You may think "Chinese scales? This is just the major penta scale!". Partly, I have to say "yes", but I think if you don't add your emotion to the sound, your musical talent will not be embodied by the "note". Knowing that there are tons of great song using the major pentatonic scale, It's good to reconsider using the simple scale.

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Each note has its own life

This song has unique rhythm.

score chinese scale major pentatonic scale
Rhythm part score.

Let's listen to the rhythm part carefully.

This also consists of five notes "CDEGA"

There should be a time you have to turn the penta scale into real sound as an advanced composer. When you pursuing the essentiality of the music, Sense beyond the theory will be required. Each note has its own life.