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:Mixolydian scale


Mixolydian scale

This lecture is the Mixolydian scale which is one of the Church mode.

Mixolydian scale is the Major scale with a lowered 7th. That means leading-tone is lost.

Mixolydian scale
  C   D   E F   G   A   B
C Mixolydian scale          
C Major scale          

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Mixolydian scale

Mixolydian scale has the following triads and 7th chords.

Triad in the C Mixolydian scale
Triad C Dm Em(b5) F Gm Am Bb
Degree Names I IIm IIIm(b5) IV Vm VIm bVII
Seventh Chord in the C Mixolydian scale
7th Chord C7 Dm7 Em7(b5) FM7 Gm7 Am7 BbM7
Degree Names IM7 IIm7 IIIm7(b5) IVM7 Vm7 VIm7 bVIIM7

Let's listen to the sample song using the Mixolydian scale.

I cherish the feeling, so the sample song on the pages of scale lectures are made roughly. Beacuse of lack of the leading-tone, as I mentioned above, the cadence which is formed by mixolydian has little power.