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:Oriental Scale


Arabic / Oriental Scales

This lecture is the oriental scale which is also known as the arabic scale.

Oriental scale is well-known to people of the Middle and Near East. This time, I introduce one of the arabic scales named maqam "Nawa Athar" which is used in the arabic traditional music.

First of all, Let's listen to my original song called "Dracula Castle" using the arabic scale "Nawa Athar".

How did you like it? "Dracula Castle" consists of following notes.

Oriental / Arabic scale / maqam "Nawa Athar"
  C   D   E F   G   A   B
Nawa Athar          

This Arabic scale includes C, D, Eb, F#,G, Ab, B (in Key C) and half interval appears four times in an octave(D-Eb, F#-G, G-Ab, B-C).

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Contrary motion and scale form

If you don't have the knowledge of orchestration, There are many ways to enhance your sound. Please take a look at the table below.

contrary motion
Contrary motion

The sample song includes contrary motion. One part is ascending and the other part is descending. This motion tighten up your sound well.

And when you use the scale, you probably hesitate. How can I cook these notes? Is this the right way?

Same here! I often think too much when I compose a music. but this time, I dared to choose simple motion.

down to five octave
Note goes on descending in the range of five octaves.

Let's listen to the scale part once again. It's almost like a "roller coaster".

Even perfectionist like Brahms used such a primitive form. It is typically seen in his work such as "Academic Festival Overture".