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:Melodic Minor Scale


Melodic Minor Scale

This lecture is Melodic minor scale. The 6th and 7th notes are different from those of the Natural minor scale.

In case of the Harmonic minor scale, Whole-and-a half step interval was created by making a leading-tone. And this Melodic minor scale was created by raising 6th to make the sound more clear.

Melodic minor scale
Each pitch of Melodic minor scale.

Melodic Minor Scale
  C   D   E F   G   A   B
C Melodic Minor Scale          

Whole step interval apears 4 times in a row.

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Triads and Seventh Chords

Melodic minor scale has the following triads and 7th chords.

Triad in the A Melodic Minor Scale
Triad Am Bm Caug D E F#m(b5) G#m(b5)
Degree Names Im IIm bIIIaug IV V VIm(b5) VIIm(b5)
Seventh Chord in A the Melodic Minor Scale
7th Chord AmM7 Bm7 CM7(#5) D7 E7 F#m7(b5) G#m7(b5)
Degree Names ImM7 IIm7 bIIIM7(#5) IV7 V7 VIm7(b5) VIIm7(b5)

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Chords example for the minor scales

I have prepared a good example for the minor chords including the Natural minor scale, the Harmonic minor scale, and the Melodic minor scale.

Example harmony using all minor scales
Harmony Example using three minor scales.

Let's listen to the sample song using three minor scales.

F# is the note of the Melodic minor scale, and G# is the note of the Harmonic minor scale. Of course, the others are chords of the Natural minor scale.

If you want to emphasize the feeling of the each scale, It is also important to cosider a timing of having the people listen to many scale notes. Even Tchaikovsky composed by such a method.